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Residue-resistant glass is the biggest news in bathrooms since 1989, when we introduced custom frameless glass shower screens into Queensland.

While popular for their aesthetic appeal, the main drawback of frameless shower screens until now has been cleaning.

The technology behind residue-resistant glass is now available for internal use, and can be bought from Euroglass Australia.

Characterised by its anti-corrosion effect as well as ease of cleaning, Viridian’s DuraClean product has been developed specifically for bathroom applications, to keep your shower screen glass crystal clear without constant cleaning.

DuraClean from Viridian

A Lasting Impression Guaranteed

With a unique 10-year warranty, the anti-corrosive properties of DuraClean™ keep your screen glass sparkling clear, shower after shower, year after year. Limescale and other unsightly marks common on untreated glass shower screens will be a thing of the past.

DuraClean™ is suitable for shower screens, bath screens and shower cubicle walls, in settings from residential to multi-residential and hotels.


  • THICKNESS 10mm


  • Silkscreen print
  • Curving up to 1m radii
  • Laminate


DuraClean™ must be toughened before use. Once toughened to the relevant standards, it is a Grade A Safety Glass (AS/NZS2208)

Its What You Don’t See

That Makes the Difference

No Harsh Cleaning

All it takes to clean DuraClean™ is a squeegee or soft cloth to wipe the surface – no harsh cleaning products or elbow grease required.

A Clear Advance

With a virtually invisible, anti-corrosive coating on one side of extremely clear glass, DuraClean™ is highly transparent and does not alter colour perception. The treatment is strong and maintains its effectiveness over time.

Reduced Haze

Unlike standard glass, DuraClean™ is micro-coated with colour neutral and durable metal oxides to reduce residue build up. Water simply slips over its surface, keeping your shower screen looking clear and bright.

Toughening and Processing

DuraClean™ must be toughened before use, which activates the product’s anti-corrosive properties. It can then withstand all the most common forms of glass processing, from cutting, curving (up to 1m radii) and edgeworking, to laminating and silkscreen-printing.

DuraClean glass

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