Pool Windows, an Eye Catching Addition

Pool windows (or underwater windows) are a feature that allow for a part or the whole of a pool wall to be transparent, creating visual space and allowing for stunning views. A weir is a barrier at the edge of the pool, over which water flows.

Windows and weirs can be a particularly attractive addition when combined with intricate tiling layouts and coloured light treatments.

  • Attractive addition
  • Allow natural light into the pool area
  • Pre Planning and engineering certification is essential
  • We help with the design
Pool Weir Low Edge

Pre planning is essential for your Window or Weir

Pre-planning of the design is required as the size of the rebate is determined by the size of the glass panel required.

Our independent design engineer will determine the dimensions and provide us with a Form 15 for building certification. Be sure to call Euroglass before commencement of the pool shell construction to ensure we get it right from the start.

At Euroglass we use Australian made raw glass for its superior quality. You can have peace of mind knowing that your glass pool window will not deteriorate over time when exposed to the elements.

Pool Windows & Weir Pictures

Pool window for better view
Pool Window with Black Tiling

Resources For Pool Windows & Weirs

We have a lot of resources available to help both our trade and retail clients.

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Pool Porthole glass Installation