Feel safe with a quality Pool Fence

Frameless glass pool fencing adds another dimension to your overall landscaping design. Instead of it just being a barrier to comply with pool fencing regulations, it becomes a seamless divide between inside and outside the pool areas. This allows you to plan and install a totally integrated pool and landscape look.

All frameless pool fencing glass must be a minimum of 12mm with a minimum panel height of 1200mm glass to meet Australian Standards.

It can be fixed in place via a number of fixing systems as follows:

  • Spigot Fixed
  • Base channel
  • Concrete groove
  • Fascia standoff pins
  • All fences can be fitted to concrete, steel and structural timber beams
Glass skipping over water in a pool

Correct Fence Hardware

The choice of pool gate hardware is critical to the successful operation of any pool fence. If the gate doesn’t close correctly every time, the fence can become a liability and you could leave yourself open to prosecution and potential endangerment to life.

There are several options in our range of pool fence hardware which our experienced technician can run through with you. Our advice is not to cut corners with the gate hardware.

It is best to have one of our experienced onsite technicians visit your pool or view your plans to discuss the possibilities and associated costs. Call 1300 654 856 or email to arrange an appointment.

  • Bracket Fixed Panels
  • Latched Pool Gates
  • Surface Mounted Square Spigot
  • Round Mini Post Spigot
  • Square Mini Post Spigot
  • Speed Controllable Pool Gate Hinge (soft close)
  • Solace Hydraulic Patch Fitting
  • Glass To Glass Pool Latch

Glass Pool Fencing Pictures

Pool and skyline views
Combination Fixed Glass Pool Fence
Glass to glass gate pool fence


“I just wanted to touch base with you and to thank you very much for sorting out our pool fence . Andy and the team- after having determined that the majority of our old panels were susceptible to the same problem- installed the new fence last week. I also wanted to thank you for personally sorting out the issue.

I know we are not large or important commercial clients- and to have you personally sort out an issue with your glass panels that you could not have anticipated- and to do it in such a prompt, courteous manner-is a really remarkable experience in these times when it feels like the majority of service and goods providers can’t wait to bury problems rather than rectify them.

You and your company have been a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to the opportunity to recommend you to a friend looking to build or renovate.”

Samantha Duncan

Resources For Pool Fencing

We have a lot of resources available to help both our trade and retail clients.

By clicking on the following links, you will find more detailed technical information regarding that product. If the answers are not found on the link, send Euroglass an email or phone the office for free advice.

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