No Handrail Required With Vision Guard

It is possible to install a fully frameless glass balustrade system with NO HANDRAIL that meets all Australian Standards.
This system must be engineered on an individual job by job basis to determine the feasibility and design. Engineering certification is required by the relevant authorities to pass this system “FIT FOR PURPOSE” to provide a form 15 design certification. There is an initial cost for any such engineering design.

The structural integrity of a Vision Guard frameless glass balustrade is achieved by laminating two or more layers of pre-toughened glass together to form one panel of glass. A special rigid central interlayer is used to bond each panel together.

In the event that both layers of the sandwiched glass are broken, the rigid central interlayer will stay standing rigid in place and withstand the force of human impact. Thereby withstanding the force of an individual falling through the glass.

Glass balustrade adds luxury and value to your house

The installation of Frameless Glass Balustrades allows uninterrupted views with made to measure panels and with your choice of fixing method and handrail to suit your style, will add value to your balcony or set of stairs.

The sheer presence of 10 mm or 12 mm toughened glass exudes the sense of space and light whilst at the same time making one feel safe and secure.

The main fixing methods include the following:

  • Pin standoff fixing
  • Spigot fixing
  • Concealed fascia clamp fixing
  • Channel fixing
Void Balustrade of Glass

We take the complexity out of Glass Balustrade design

Because a frameless glass balustrade can be complex in design, it is imperative to arrange for Euroglass’s experienced technician to visit your site and discuss all the options. A mismatched, out of proportioned frameless glass balustrade with inconsistent geometry and badly aligned panels can be a real eyesore. Be wary not to end up with something that looks wrong all because it was cheap. You will be living with it daily.

A number of fixing methods are employed to fix frameless glass balustrade panels into position. The hardware used for these fixings is tested to meet relevant Australian standards.

Similarly, a variety of handrails are also available to enhance the appearance and structural integrity of the installation. Handrails are required for all balustrade installation using single layer monolithic toughened glass, under AS/NZ 1288-2006 where the fall is greater than one metre and is subject to engineering approvals.

Options include:

  • Offset flat bar stainless
  • Offset tubular stainless
  • Capping top rail
  • Timber

View Glass Balustrade Pictures

Internal Hall Way Glass Balustrade
Outdoor Balustrade with Geometric Pattern
Outdoor Balcony Glass Balustrade

Resources For Glass Balustrade

Download the PDF’s to help you with the product. Always feel free to contact us at the office in Hemmant 1300 654 856.