We Measure and Install Frameless Shower Screens

Euroglass introduced custom frameless glass shower screens into Brisbane and Queensland in 1989.  Today we install them with precision possible only from many years of experience. We use only reliable proven hardware for peace of mind knowing that your doors swing without slipping or failing.

We are proud to offer:

  • Custom designed frameless shower screens
  • 10mm toughened safety glass
  • Hardware fittings in various styles
  • 28 years of experience.
  • Best genuine warranty in the industry

Hardware features

  • Double action hinged doors with two styles of hardware – square and bevelled.
  • Double action pivot doors with top and bottom pivot mechanisms.
  • Sliding frameless glass doors
  • Traditional clear glass shows a slight green tinge in natural light.

Glass options

  • Low iron glass gives a higher level of clarity than CLEAR Glass and can show a very slight blue tinge in certain light.
  • Acid etched opaque glass shows silhouettes in certain light and offers a high degree of privacy.
  • Coloured and printed laminated glass offering a multitude of design options. You can choose from shutter stock photos and laminate or print an image onto your showerscreen or glass panel. It could be a city skyline scene or a tropical island scene or even a reproduction of your favorite marble or granite.
  • Residue resistant glass makes cleaning easy.

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Installed frameless shower screens



Go to AGGA website and read more about the technical factsheet.

Wide Range of Hardware Fittings

Our architectural hardware fittings enhance your frameless shower screen, giving that open and minimalistic look. Choose from finishes in polished chrome, satin chrome, gold-plate, brass and powder coat colours. View our frameless shower screen hardware and fittings.


Bevelled Edge


Square Edge


Square Wall Hinge


90° Angle Hinge